Prox-Secur now offers turnkey solutions in accordance with standard CSAZ259.16

Prox-Secur now offers turnkey solutions in accordance with standard CSAZ259.16

In order to always innovate in the solutions offered to our customers, Prox-Secur unveils turnkey consulting solutions in compliance with the CSAZ259.16 standard.

The subtleties of the standard CSAZ259.16

This series of measures and standards has been put in place to reduce the risk of falls associated with work at heights. Concretely, the CSAZ259.16 standard makes it possible to guide and facilitate the choice as well as the appropriate use of personal protective equipment against falls. It is updated regularly to adapt to technological developments of solutions to improve security.

The measures also aim to test and certify all protective materials in order to guarantee the complete safety of the worker. The implementation of this device requires a strict test for the reliability of all protection systems, namely horizontal and vertical anchoring and the multiple anti-fall devices.


Complete turnkey solutions

To expand our many offers for fall prevention, we now offer complete turnkey solutions tailored to your needs.

Prox-Secur is responsible for performing the work in accordance with the standard CSAZ259.16. The study of the works, the design, the analysis, the realization through the multiple methods of engineering, the follow-up of the installation, the certification, the inspection and without forgetting the customer service. These are the main features of this new offer and you can benefit from these new solutions starting from today.


A 360 service offer.

As a  subsidiary of the CanadoNacan Group, we have been providing you with quality materials for more than 25 years and are now expanding our expertise with comprehensive services provided by experienced professionals.

The integration of new solutions is part of our desire to expand the solutions offered to our customers and offer even safer alternatives according to the most strict standards in terms of individual and collective protection.

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