Protection of Equipment and Buildings

Did you know that we can help you protect your buildings and warehouses?

What to remember: The life cycle of a machine or equipment, regardless of its complexity, includes several basic steps: design and purchasing, operation, maintenance, resale, rental, lending, assignment or disposal. At each step, designers and users have responsibilities to fulfill and tasks to perform to increase the service life and prevent risks.

It is essential to have a safety strategy that can be adapted and can evolve in order to prevent falls and meet the needs of your organization.

Our team is trained to help you evaluate your level of risk and analyze your needs.

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    Accordeon Closure

    Made with “hot roll” steel. The body of the accordeon closure is made of ‘U channels’ of 3 / 4”X 3 / 8”in 14 gauge.
    The vertical support rails are made from 1 1 / 2 ‘X 1 1 / 2? ‘X 1 / 8” thick tubing. Our pivot system allows each closure to rotate 180° for a minimum storage space.

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    Often exposed to vehicles, pedestrians, or vandalism … With ad hoc events or on building sites, the electrical cables may be damaged and thus put in jeopardy people’s safety and of the facilities.

    • Use indoors / outdoors
    • Highly Resistant even in challenging environment
    • For use with Vehicle and Pedestrian Traffic
    • Colors capot ( Yellow, Grey and Black)
    • Colors Pedestal ( grey et black)
    • 3 grooves
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    Cage de sécurité interieur / exterieur

    Selon l’agencement, les mesures sont prises pour installer un vestibule intérieur ou extérieur pour les conducteurs. Ce boîtier comprend une porte.


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    Grille accordéon

    Fait en acier laminé à chaud. Le corps de l’accordéon est fait de canaux en forme de « U » de 3/4 po X 3/8 po, épaisseur 14.
    Les rails de support verticaux sont fabriqués à partir de tubes épais de  11 / 2 po  X 1 1 / 2 po X 1/8 po
    Notre système de pivot permet à chaque fermeture de tourner à 180 ° pour un minimum d’encombrement.


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    Indoor / Outdoor Vestibule

    Depending on the layout, measurements are taken to install an indoor or outdoor vestibule for drivers. This enclosure includes a door

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    Knuffi Soft Edge Bumper Guards

    Warning and protective bumper guards effectively prevent impact damage and protect your buildings, furnishings and equipment. They absorb even the hardest impacts, effectively reducing the risk of damage to property or injury to personnel.

    Knuffi® are used indoors and outdoors along walls, in corridors, on doorway edges, on furniture and on machinery. Vehicles such as lift trucks, mobile equipment, trailers and others can also be protected by Knuffi®.

    Knuffi® – Bumper Guard warning and protective profiles are manufactured from tough, flexible polyurethane foam. The highly visible black and yellow striped covering warns of danger or restricted access.

    Knuffi® are manufactured using a a patented method, which prevents color deterioration and guarantees long life under the toughest operating conditions.

    Knuffi® are supplied in poly bags as standard 1m lengths, or 5m rolls. Special orders can be arranged in various lengths up to a maximum of 50m.

  • Equipment protection des equipements
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    Machine guarding

    The general requirements of all machines is that the point of operation of machines, whose operation exposes an employee to injury, shall be guarded. Rite-Hite Machine Guarding products do just that.

    • Guards your machinery and protects your employees
    • Contains application driven hazards including airborne debris, heat, fumes, smoke, sparks, accidental discharge, spray/mist/fluids and mechanical movement
    • Reduces footprint of manufacturing cell by locating closer to the hazard
    • Machine guards provide clear visual that operator should be on task
    • Machine guards are manufactured to your exact size requirements
    • Machine guards are automated to the process to reduce operator fatigue

    Coupled with safety interlocks, Rite-Hite Machine Guarding products offer an increased level of protection for point-of-operation guarding. Because they provide safeguarding that can be seen, the opportunity for accidental work stoppage is greatly reduced. The physical separation they provide is a clear visual indicator that the machine operator needs to be on task