The laser for pedestrian crossing, effective and safe

Pedestrian safety is an important and vital point on any construction site or in any warehouse. Various signaling devices are then put in place to optimize the visibility of drivers and facilitate the movement of pedestrians on a well-defined area. The pedestrian laser is a more or less recent alternative that could replace in the near future, traditional lines drawn on the ground and stickers. Focus on this technique below.


Amendments to the Health and Safety Regulations (RSST)

Working conditions play a vital role in the safety and productivity of employees. There are also safety and health measures that must be put in place by employers and governed by specific regulations. These include the RSST or Regulation of Health and Safety at Work which is constantly undergoing reforms in order to optimize the welfare of workers. Changes have recently been implemented.


Reducing the Risk of Falls at Height

Although every effort is made to minimize workplace accidents such as falls at height, the statistics show several thousand cases per year, including more than a dozen fatal injuries. Fortunately, measures can be taken to reduce the risk of falls and you can rely on companies specializing in security equipment such as Prox-Secur to provide you with premium risk prevention equipment.