Located in Montreal, Solutions Prox-Secur specializes in the distribution and marketing of health and safety solutions in Canada. As part of the Groupe Canado/Nacan, its management philosophy, experience in distribution, outstanding customer service and sustained efforts in finding responsible and innovative manufacturers will benefit its clients.

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Founded in 2017, Solutions Prox-Secur is part of Groupe Canado/Nacan. Your preferred supplier for more than 40 years. Its mission is to meet the new and increasing needs of its clients who are constantly looking for new Health and Safety solutions.
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Three companies under the same roof

Canado/Nacan équipements, Canado/Nacan SECUR-T and Solutions Prox-Secur. Together, we represent a unique force with regard to distribution in Canada.
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Innovation at the forefront

We can suggest a wide range of innovative Health and Safety products. Our team of experts is trained to evaluate your risk profile and will accompany you during your entire projects in order to ensure the safety of your personnel and your equipment.


PROXIPI® is a collision prevention system that alerts the pedestrian (in danger) and the driver of the vehicle (in movement).

These BIDIRECTIONAL WARNINGS allow each person to react and take the appropriate safety measures to avoid accidents.

Thanks to its exclusive technology (detection of coded magnetic fields harmless to the human body), PROXIPI® is one of the best collision prevention solutions on the market featuring a 360° detection up to a distance of 15 meters and an optimal efficiency even in a highly metallic environment.


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