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    Collision Prevention System

    Our Collision Prevention System alerts the pedestrian (in danger) and the driver of the vehicle (in movement).

    These BIDIRECTIONAL WARNINGS allow each person to react and take the appropriate safety measures to avoid accidents. Our system is one of the best collision prevention solutions on the market.


    • These BIDIRECTIONAL WARNINGS allow each person to react and take the appropriate safety measures to avoid accidents. Our system is one of the best collision prevention solutions on the market.

    The dynamic safety solutions can be integrated according to your specifications. Contact us.


    BIDIRECTIONAL ALERT allows everyone to react and take the right safety measures to avoid accidents.

  • Garde corp prévention des chutes Guard railGarde-corps pour trappe d'accès de toiture Delta Prévention
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    Guardrail System

    Delta Prevention offers non-penetrating roof guards to permanently eliminate the risk of fall from your roofs. This easy and rapid to install non penetrating system offers peace of mind to maintenance workers. They are designed to protect us all.

    • In accordance with CBNC, CNESST and OSHA standards
    • Ultimate resistance to rust, deterioration caused by rain, temperature changes and acidic environments
    • Can be installed on roof with and without parapets
    • 10 year warranty*
    • Made in Québec
    • Made of recycled materials
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    Power Tower


    PowerTower does the job in tighter spaces better than more expensive scissor and telescoping lifts. Simple to operate it’s great for businesses, schools, and rental applications. PowerTower stows to only 30″ wide by 52″ deep and 69″ tall. It will store easily in a typical storage closet and easily maneuver through doors and elevators without having to tip or disassemble as with fixed mast systems.

    **Protective cover also available. Please visit accessories section to learn more about this product.


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    Forklift Front Spotter

    The Forklift spotter alerts pedestrians of forklifts approaching blind corners of forklifts and exiting trailers.

    This White LED light projects an intense spotlight 10 to 20 feet ahead of the forklift to alert the pedestrian of nearby traffic. The Forklift Spotter can be installed on the front or back of any forklift, sweeper or any other piece of industrial equipement.

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    The M.A.R.C.

    In modern warehouse environments, safe procedures for clearing jams associated with product spills and pallet debris are now possible.

    Clearing these jams can be a complex and dangerous task where high density rack structures are employed. In order to do so safely, operators require a safe, engineered tie off location.

    Rack structures are not certified nor designed for this task. The MARC provides a safe solution!

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    Accordeon Closure

    Made with “hot roll” steel. The body of the accordeon closure is made of ‘U channels’ of 3 / 4”X 3 / 8”in 14 gauge.
    The vertical support rails are made from 1 1 / 2 ‘X 1 1 / 2? ‘X 1 / 8” thick tubing. Our pivot system allows each closure to rotate 180° for a minimum storage space.

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    ANGL’ISOL to paste ®

    To ensure a simple and effective protection of the edges of walls to 70° 110 degrees, ANGLISOL® without aluminium support presents the ideal alternative.

    • 2 Width: ( Length: 2 m )
    • 3 standard colors

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    ANGL’ISOL® 3/4 round on alum to screw

    ANGL’ISOL® 3/4 ROUND is characterised by a large malleability under low inertia in the case of shocks to the head around the upper part (beam, back of step) or to vertically protect children of low age.

    • Highly resistant
    • Invisible Mounting
    • Use indoors / outdoors
    • Fire rating Csfl-S1
    • High Malleability
    • Highly Resistant even in challenging environment, U.V. Resistant and Detergent Resistant
    • To screw

    Dimensions and colors:

    • Length: 2 m
    • 5 standard colors:

    • 6 colors on requests

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    ANGLES protection U ANGL’ISOL®

    U ANGL’ISOL® is simply to be glued on on any types of media: steel, aluminium, wood, concrete. Places of applications: window water jet, edge of steps in sheet metal.

    ANGL’ISOL® IPN is intended for the protection of sharp edges on three sides.

    The geometry to a cell and its U shape covers the sharpest border with a good protection from impact

    • Thickness choice ( 55mm thickness max)
    • 4 standard colors      
    • 6 colors on request
    • Use indoors / outdoors
    • Highly Resistant even in challenging environment,  U.V. Resistant and Detergent Resistant
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    Anti finger pinch GAROMIN®

    The anti finger pinch device GAROMIN®allows you to completely suppress the major causes of accidents and tissue damage in school environments: pinching of fingers between a door and its door

    • 3 references
    • 2 different height
    • 5 available colours    
    • 6 colors on request    
    • Use indoors / outdoors
    • UV Resistant
    • 10-year Warranty
  • plaque antidérapante
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    Anti skid insert strip

    The slip-resistant insert strip is used on stairs, access ramps, pontoons but also on machines, forklifts, nacelles … anywhere the risks of slipping are identified.

    • Adhesive for indoors / outdoors
    • Highly Resistant even in challenging environment (UV, oils, rain, frost, salty air, mud)
    • 100% Recyclable
    • 4 formats
    • Available Colours: Black
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    The anti-fatigue mat MATLAST® offers a major flexibility with a unique spring-like effect. The more the stationery standing position is prolonged, the more the crushing into the mat will increase. It is essential to respect this parameter when you choose your anti-fatigue mat.

    Anti-Fatigue, anti skid, resilient and customisable. MATLAST® is an exclusive patented product which exceptional comfort and durability qualities make it the favourite mat for the most prestigious companies in the world.

    • 6 available colors
    • Heel Support
    • Use indoors
    • 100 % Recyclable

    Kneeling mat also available

    • 2 Reference
    • thickness: 20 mm